Let’s be honest—winter isn’t most people’s favorite season. Some people may say they like how pretty the snow is, or they may enjoy the festivities around the holidays, but no one is clamoring for the cold or the shorter days. Winter can be a bit of a drag. And trying to move during the winter without the right preparation can easily turn into a nightmare. Unlike the summer, where all you have to worry about is the heat, during the winter, you may have to worry about driving a moving van down an icy, winding mountain road. Here are some helpful moving tips if you absolutely must move during the winter months:


  1. Pay attention to the weather.

Winter weather can be unpredictable, and an unexpected snowstorm before or during your move can throw a major wrench in your plans. Have your weather app on standby and pay attention to the weather forecast, especially during the week preceding your move. Is your move during the winter months a long distance one, or local? That will also be a factor to consider. Keep in mind that if conditions do get bad, rescheduling may be necessary. 


  1. Prioritize cold weather safety!

This is one of the most important moving safety tips.  Getting the job done on time may be  important, but safety should be your #1 priority. Prioritize safety by keeping your walkways and driveways clear of snow and ice so you don’t increase your chances of slipping and falling while moving boxes into the moving truck. Shovel your driveway and use salt or deicer to get rid of any residual ice. If you can, do the same thing at the new property. 


  1. Protect floors and carpeting.

Here’s another important moving tip, prevent damage to the flooring of your new home, make sure to protect your floors. Use cardboard sheets or floor runners to protect carpeted areas and wood or tile floors. These precautions will prevent unsightly stains from muddy shoes and also help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Most moving professionals, like the ones at Tahoe Moving Company, take measures to properly protect the flooring of their customers’ homes.


  1. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Finally, while winter isn’t all bad, it’s best to prepare for unusual circumstances. Keep your winter clothes handy and be sure to dress in layers for the move. Also be sure to keep a shovel and some deicer on hand. Make sure that the utilities are already turned on at your new home prior to moving in. Nothing is worse than moving into a new house during a snowstorm, only to realize there’s no heat!


For moving professionals you can trust no matter the weather, give Tahoe Moving Company a call. Ask for your free moving estimate today!