wrapped furniture

Over the course of a move, countless bumps and bruises may pop up, damaging your home and costing you more money. Costly mistakes such as scratches in walls and floors, dents, damaged furniture and cracked windows are all too common during the move out process, especially when everything is being done by amateurs. That’s why we recommend that you hire the moving professionals at Tahoe Moving Company to assist you when you are preparing to move house. The team at Tahoe Moving Company is top notch, and has a variety of strategies to protect your home and reduce home damage while moving. 

Tahoe Moving Company moving into house.

  1. Protecting the Floor 

If proper moving equipment and protocol isn’t followed, moving furniture can very easily scratch the floor. By using floor runners and blankets, we prevent slips and scratches, keeping the floors pristine and your wallet intact.

  1. Dismantle Large Furniture

This mistake is far too common. When preparing to move house, it’s essential that large furniture is broken down, in order to safely be carried without causing any damages to the home. Unfortunately, many people skip this step, thinking that doing so will save them time; this ends up costing them far more money by the end. At Tahoe Moving Company, we don’t cut any corners, and excel in moving large specialty items.

Large furniture is dismantled as necessary, and reassembled in the new home, preventing any dents or scratches. 

  1. Pad and Wrap Large Furniture

We also are sure to protect each piece of furniture individually with wrapping and padding. Every item in your home will make it to its destination in one piece. 

  1. Removing Doors

Another step that far too many people skip when preparing to move house is removing doors. By removing the doors before the moving process begins, we prevent any damage to them, and make the moving and loading process as seamless as possible. It’s a small, but important step, and going the extra mile here makes all the difference. 


For a move that’s safe for you and your home, contact Tahoe Moving Company today. Visit our website or call today to get a free estimate.