For a lot of folks, moving into a new home can be a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, you can be super excited to settle into your new location! Who doesn’t look forward to a brand new home or apartment, and setting off immediately to explore a new neighborhood to get geographically oriented. On the other hand, there’s all the dreaded work that will be necessary to move your entire life to the new place. Especially the packing, which is probably the most laborious and time intensive part of the moving process. But with the right moving advice, tips, and tricks, you can save yourself a ton of time and a lot of money. 

Make a Timeline

First get organized. Make a to-do list and get your priorities in order, then get it all into a calendar as soon as possible. Creating a timeline for when you want things done will not only remove some of the stress from the process, it will also reduce the need for any last minute scrambling that might add to your moving costs or interfere with your timeframes. When creating a timeline, be generous and give yourself more time than you think you’ll need to get things done; unexpected circumstances can happen, so give yourself lots of leeway. If you’re planning to use a moving service like Tahoe Moving Company, make contact as soon as possible to get a quote and lock in your cost estimate. 

If the move is happening in March, you might want to start the planning and scheduling as early as January. Once you have a plan, don’t procrastinate. Stick to it. Start with the easiest areas of the house first, like attics, garages, basements and crawl spaces—all the places that have the stuff you rarely use and won’t really need until after the move. Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Don’t put it off and try to do everything at the last minute. You will quickly get tired, and you will only increase your stress level. Give yourself just a bit to do each day and you’ll be on the road to success. 

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Another important piece of moving advice is  clear out what you don’t need. Do a quick census of your belongings to see what you actually want to keep. Separate the trash from the treasure, that way you’re not wasting time and money by packing junk along with you. A great and environmentally friendly way to get rid of unwanted items is donating to thrift stores. Or, if you want to make an extra bit of cash, have a yard sale, or sell items through online marketplaces. 

Get your Supplies for Cheap

Most people don’t realize the cost of necessary moving supplies—cardboard, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc. Those items might not seem expensive, but by the time you’re all done you may have spent hundreds of dollars making sure every box is secure and that everything is padded enough to not break. Save yourself some money by getting a bit less fancy. Grocery stores usually have tons of boxes that are just going to be thrown away. While you’re there, pick up some garbage bags, which are great for storing clothes. For an even easier option, contact your local moving company about packing services; not only are they the most efficient at packing, they’ll include all the supplies, which gives you one less thing  to worry about.

Get Help When Needed 

Finally, and perhaps the most important, make things as easy as possible, and don’t be afraid to ask for professional help. Tahoe Moving Company is a great choice for comprehensive packing and moving services. Call today to receive a free estimate, as well as a bit of useful moving advice, tricks, and tips.